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Mobile office application for iPhone, Smartphones and Windows Mobile devices

An Outstanding Pedigree

TOMMIE was created by Monitor Media Limited, a long established and well respected web development company. Founded in 1995, Monitor Media has over 14 years experience of creating sophisticated web systems and online applications for companies such as Ericsson, RBS Insurance, Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, Michelin, Toshiba, Land Securities, Abbey and Alpha Airports Group, to name but a few.

Since TOMMIE was first written in 2000 it has been constantly refined and updated, so that today it is one of the most comprehensive office administration applications available on the web. Our aim is to keep TOMMIE the easiest and most intuitive system to use and always to provide the best value. We have an exciting product development strategy that will result in regular and worthwhile enhancements to what we believe is already an outstanding application.

Recognised Quality

We are dedicated to quality in all that we do, working with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) standards. Certified by no less a body than the British Standards Institute (BSI), something our customers take comfort from.


Monitor Media Limited demerged in summer 2006 and the TOMMIE business moved over to the newly formed TOMMIE Systems Limited. The new company now owns and operates the TOMMIE brand, the application software and all other assets. It enjoys the same solid, strong ownership and management team as Monitor Media and will pursue the same standards of innovation excellence and service delivery.

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If you need technical support you should view the options under the 'Support' section of this website.

If you wish to write, please use the following address:

TOMMIE Systems Limited
c/o 1 Paper Mews
330 High Street