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Your Mobile Office

Mobile web office system

Just What You Really Need

To make it even easier to access TOMMIE wherever you are, it works with a large number of modern PDAs and 'Smartphones' - even iPhones, iPods and PSPs! And whilst some handheld devices will allow you to use the 'full-blown' version of TOMMIE (that you automatically get when you use a desktop PC), we nevertheless designed a 'Lite' version specially for use on smaller screens and via slower connection speeds.

Using a handheld with an internet connection TOMMIE will let you:

Plan your day

  • Use the My Day summary page

View and modify the Shared Office Diary

  • Choose your view; monthly overlap, monthly, weekly or daily
  • Filter your chosen view by person or whole department
  • Enter new meeting details
  • View and edit existing meeting details
  • See who's in the office and who's out/ on vacation/ off sick


  • View list of all contacts
  • Filter list view by company name


  • View list of all staff
  • Pop-up contact details of any staff member

Cost Centres

  • View list of all cost centres
  • Pop-up details of any individual cost centre code


  • Enter time, notes and cost centre codes for any day
  • Review any of your historical timesheets


  • Enter expense details and cost centre codes for any day
  • Review any of your historical expenses

Personal Details

  • Check your login and other personal details

To see TOMMIE working on your mobile device right now, click here for a live demo.

To view a pre-recorded demo of TOMMIE working on a Smartphone, click here.