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Smartphone Business Admin

Mobile office management made easy

Easy Access via Mobile Phone

More and more mobile phones are coming with web browsers and bigger screen resolutions. However, their diary and contacts functions are still fairly antiquated and do not provide anything like the group functionality TOMMIE has on offer. Perfect! Now you can marry the best of both worlds – portability and connectivity from your mobile and all the office management functionality of TOMMIE.

TOMMIE has been written to be platform and browser independent, to work with as broad a range of computing/ communication devices as possible. Included are a rapidly increasing number of new generation mobile phones (or 'Smartphones'). And whilst browsers in some are pretty good at accessing the full-blown TOMMIE system, their smaller screen resolutions mean that the experience is not always as efficient and elegant as we would like. Typically their pre-installed browsers are 'Lite' versions, restricting some of TOMMIE's normal functionality. In addition, there's a lot of functionality in TOMMIE that we believe you are unlikely to need on a mobile (e.g. some of the more advanced management reporting or system administration).

For this reason we developed a 'Lite' version of TOMMIE, optimised for use on mobile devices. Meetings, expenses, timesheets, contacts - all are available provided you have internet access (many devices offer you a choice of GPRS or 3G or WiFi). TOMMIE is clever enough to know that you are using a Smartphone and will automatically select the right version to show you. Reduced file sizes mean fast loading, yet the same security measures are still in place for your comfort and privacy.

Click here for a summary of TOMMIE's mobile functionality.

You should have no problems using TOMMIE with recent devices that include a web browser and with a 3G or GPRS internet connection. Such phones include:

  • MDA series
  • XDA series
  • Nokia N70
  • SPV series
  • SDA series
  • . . . and many more

See TOMMIE working on your Smartphone right now by clicking here.

View a pre-recorded demo of TOMMIE working on a Smartphone by clicking here.