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Office Admin On PSP

Business application for PSP

Work? Let's Play!

It's true - TOMMIE works great on a PSP! Like so many other devices these days, the PSP comes with both a web browser and a WiFi connection facility built in. Most PSP users will already know this and will be quite used to surfing the web using their favourite gaming device. However, there aren't that many sites out there that are optimised for use with the small screen resolution, let alone office management sites and applications!

TOMMIE is different. The key elements of its functionality have been distilled into a 'Lite' version, which is automatically served up when you access TOMMIE on a handheld device. The PSP copes admirably with a whole range of tasks - view a summary of what you can do by clicking here.

Using your PSP to help manage your office business and working life raises an interesting question. Could you actually claim the purchase of a PSP as a business expense? (using TOMMIE's expenses module to make the claim, of course!)