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Staff Systems Online

Online expense management

Do Your Expenses

  • Clear, pre-formated tables
  • Auto separation/ calculation of VAT
  • Drop-down job coding
  • Auto fuel/ mileage calculation
  • Auto-totals
  • Auto print formatting
  • Full archiving and retrieval
  • Online approval system

Everyone hates the hassle of doing their expenses – one of the reasons why TOMMIE is becoming so popular!

TOMMIE's clearly formatted expenses table takes the grunt work out of completing your claim. With features such as clearly separated expense codes, auto-calculation of VAT, pre-populated job codes for quick cost allocation, drop down category selection and grand total calculation all built in, PLUS an auto-format for printing off claim forms (for sign-off, most companies still require a hard copy with receipts attached), TOMMIE's 'Expenses' feature is as popular with accounts departments as it is with the individuals who use it to keep an accurate record of what their employer owes them!

Other useful options include the automatic calculation of mileage allowances and the automatic forwarding of expenses to your approver for online sign-off.

And since TOMMIE works for you 24/7, you can enter your expense details at any time you like – at the end of every month, every day, even on the train between meetings. TOMMIE is always happy to pick up again wherever you last left off.

Sometimes you'll want to check your previous expense claims, perhaps to verify that you remembered to claim a particular expense or to read your previous notes. No problem – TOMMIE keeps all your records safe and allows you to view whatever month you wish.

View an instant online demo that shows how TOMMIE makes managing your expenses incredibly quick, easy and accurate.