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Staff Systems Online

Share office contacts

Manage Contacts

  • Easy access
  • Drop down filtering for fast find
  • Clickable sorting
  • Editable by authorised users
  • Contact 'owners' visible
  • Separate private and public contacts

A central database of staff and all key contacts has become an essential part of every company's operations. Whether you're at home at the weekend and need to track down a colleague, or out on the road and need to look up a customer's email address, or even just sitting at your desk in normal working hours, TOMMIE's easy-to-access 'Contacts' feature is ready to help you find just the information you're looking for.

Yes, TOMMIE's here to help, and that means a comprehensive contacts summary screen with all the main columns you would normally use, all visible at once. You can start by simply searching the 'Staff' listings for a colleague's details, or choose 'Contacts' to view customers, clients, suppliers – whoever's details have been entered by you or your colleagues will all be visible. You'll also be able to see who created (and thus 'owns') the contact.

Making this feature even more valuable, each column header is clickable, allowing quick and easy alpha-sorting of the contents of your chosen list. Furthermore, a drop down menu allows you to refine your search by company, whilst simple editing features allow authorised users to clean and maintain accurate records that everyone can benefit from.

Anyone attempting to delete or modify another 'owners' contact will be warned in advance. And if they have the authority to edit the contact and proceed to do so, the original owner will receive a notification email, together with a summary of the pre-edited details (just in case!).

Finally, you have the option of entering Private contacts which only you will be able to access again.

View an instant online demo that shows you the main features of TOMMIE's superb 'Contacts' module.