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Staff Systems Online

The best online diary

Share Office Diaries

  • Fully shared diary/ calendar system
  • Daily, weekly and monthly views
  • Clear colour coding
  • Filter meetings by type, person or department
  • Diary privacy option
  • Clever icons add clarity
  • Avoid meeting congestion

Sometimes you'll want the fully shared office calendar to see what everyone's doing at a certain time – how else are you going to pick the best date for the office party?! At other times, you'll want to cut through all the clutter and just look at your own appointments. You may even want to be more precise and view, say, only your customer meetings for the coming week.

Whatever your preference, TOMMIE can adapt to handle it. Two drop down menus at the top of each Calendar page allow you to filter the content of each day by person, by meeting or by appointment type. A further drop down gives you control over the Calendar view, allowing you to look at an entire month with or without overlaps, or a week or just a single day.

Effective use of colour coding and some ingenious icons combine to allow you to quickly see what sort of a week is coming up – and whether or not you should be looking forward to it! Thanks to TOMMIE's clean look and feel you'll soon find yourself enjoying a much clearer picture of your working life.

Advanced options include the ability to filter your view by job code, or restrict the amount of information shared with different people according to their "clearance" level.

View an instant online demo that shows how organised your calendar could be!