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Staff holiday management

Book Holiday Dates

  • Check your allocation
  • View days carried over
  • See who else is away
  • Submit requests automatically
  • Receive email confirmation

Choosing just when to take your precious vacation time can be a bit of a nightmare – so why not let TOMMIE help you?

For a start, a quick glance at TOMMIE's 'Days Off' feature will show you who is away and when, whilst the Calendar clearly shows what meetings you are already booked in to attend. Just having this information in a clear and easy to understand format is already a massive help in choosing the best time to take your vacation.

What about entitlement? How many days do you have left to take this year, and which days have you already booked? Do you have any days carried over from last year? Again, TOMMIE has all the answers . . .

One click on the 'Holiday Details' button brings up your personal summary, with all your previously booked days clearly visible and your remaining allocation for the year spelled out plainly.

Four simple fields then allow you to choose your desired start and end dates, in multiples of either half or full days. When you have finished making your selection you click on the 'Request' button to automatically send your application form to whoever needs to approve your holiday.

He or she then receives an email containing details of your request, together with a note advising of any potential clash with other people. To keep things fast and simple, a URL is embedded in the email. All the 'approver' has to do is click on this URL to be taken directly to an approval page. One more click and the holiday request is either 'Approved' (in which case it goes straight into TOMMIE's calendar), or 'Rejected' (in which case the 'approver' is prompted to provide a reason which will then be emailed to you). Either way, you will immediately be sent an email letting you know the outcome.

View an instant online demo and see how easy it could be to manage your holidays.