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Staff Systems Online

Tasks & memos online

Record Tasks & Memos

  • Create clever 'To Do' lists
  • Colour code tasks by type
  • Prioritise your tasks by date
  • Assign levels of urgency
  • Create memos too...

TOMMIE has all you need to make sure those important tasks don't escape you. Record your important tasks on TOMMIE and then rely on the system to tell you what's due and when. Some people prioritise by date, and TOMMIE lets you do this, but for those who prefer to rank their lists in order of priority there are 5 different levels of urgency. Simple icons show how important each of your tasks is, and they change colour when the deadline's looming. Miss your deadline and they'll flash red until you either mark the task as completed or delete it altogether.

The 'Memos' function is provided as an electronic notepad. You might keep personal reminders in this section, perhaps use it as a place to jot down thoughts. Just like with Tasks, there is no limit to the amount of Memos you can record - keeping your list tidy is up to you!

Even better, use the 'My Day' feature and you'll get an at-a-glance view of all your meetings, all company notices, your tasks, memos, expenses, timesheets - everything that helps make up your day, all on one simple screen, available on your desktop or your mobile. There's also a print optimisation function, allowing you to print off your day in totality and take a beautifully formatted hard copy record with you.

With TOMMIE, you need never forget a single 'To Do' ever again.