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Run Your Business Online

Run your dynamic business online

Dynamic Business

  • Low cost, easy pay
  • Fast set-up
  • No hardware or software purchase required
  • Nothing to maintain
  • Extremely professional
  • Powerful management reporting
  • Grows with your company

Dynamic? Perhaps young, growing fast, office moves aplenty, people out on the road, abroad, working from home whenever there's time . . .

We know, we've been there. It's a big part of why we designed TOMMIE – so that admin time could be kept to a minimum, investment in expensive and fiddly software could be avoided and yet proper, professional systems could be put in place, allowing the company to grow without the worry of an ever-growing problem in the background. We're pleased to say it worked like a dream. TOMMIE has proven itself utterly reliable and extremely scalable, bringing order to a business that wanted to focus on the exciting aspects of commerce, not the dull requirements of admin.

Staff - Find out about TOMMIE's many helpful features.

Managers - Find out about TOMMIE's many unique reporting features.