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Run Your Business Online

Manage your large business online

Large Business

  • Boosts productivity, reduces costs
  • Simple, rapid deployment
  • Transparent, low-cost pricing
  • Zero maintenance
  • Extremely professional
  • Powerful management reporting

The bigger the business, the greater the cumulative value of TOMMIE's efficiencies.

TOMMIE's superb ability to allow a business to be broken down into separate departments and locations is a real boon to clarity, yet the big picture is still available to those who want it. And just think of the savings resulting from NOT having to licence and install hundreds or thousands of proprietary software systems, let alone networking them to share data, or debugging them and keeping them free from the latest viral attack. TOMMIE's bulk load feature makes setting up a test account a fast and efficient process, and its inherent scalability means that future staff additions can be handled easily.

Staff - Find out about TOMMIE's many helpful features.

Managers - Find out about TOMMIE's many unique reporting features.