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Run Your Business Online

Cross platform office management solution

Uses Mac and PC

  • Truly cross-platform compatible
  • Access from anywhere
  • Powerful workgroup features
  • Simple meeting and resource scheduling
  • Low cost, easy pay
  • Nothing to install or maintain
  • Extremely professional

Anyone who works with Macs and PCs knows how hard, and expensive, cross platform solutions can be. Even web-based applications that claim to work equally well with both rarely live up to the promise. TOMMIE is different. It was designed from the ground up to work superbly well on both Mac and PC browsers. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox – all will show TOMMIE at its best, with comprehensive functionality. When you further consider how well TOMMIE works with PDAs and mobile phones, you realise you're looking at the most flexible and powerful office connectivity solution available anywhere.

Staff - Find out about TOMMIE's many helpful features.

Managers - Find out about TOMMIE's many unique reporting features.