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Run Your Business Online

Manage your small or new business online

Small or New Business

  • Available any time, anywhere
  • Low cost, easy pay
  • Fast set-up
  • No hardware or software purchase required
  • Nothing to maintain
  • Grows with your company

TOMMIE is the perfect office administration system for small businesses. It's cheap, fast to set up, completely intuitive and requires no IT resource. You won't need to purchase any hardware or software, or worry about back-ups, or your lack of an IT department. TOMMIE is so easy to configure and use you'll be amazed, yet it's powerful and scalable too. This means it will grow with you and you'll find it increasingly indispensable. Your business may only be small, but in order to become bigger it will probably need some sort of administrative order. TOMMIE can give you and your colleagues just what you really need in order to be more productive and better organized.

Staff - Find out about TOMMIE's many helpful features.

Managers - Find out about TOMMIE's many unique reporting features.