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Online Office Security


You will notice that we do not name any of our customers. We believe their privacy is more important than our need to publicise their patronage. But we are pleased that TOMMIE has been widely adopted and are proud to have so many 'in the family' – you know who you are!

The stringent security measures that surround TOMMIE's server reflect the importance we place on privacy. And whilst collaborative office working requires that certain data should be viewed by your own colleagues and managers, rest assured this data can never be viewed by an unauthorised person, either inside your own business or outside.

Each TOMMIE customer chooses their own unique domain name, through which they will then access all TOMMIE's various modules. Naturally each customer also has their own database as a further privacy measure.

Data Protection Act

We recognise the fundamental importance of personal privacy and data security. Consequently, TOMMIE is built to high technical standards and we will never pass details of our users to any third party. We are fully aware of the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1998 and fully comply with both its stipulations and also the best practice guidelines laid down by the Information Commissioner's Office.