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Web Office Recorded Demos


Everyone's favourite homepage, the shared office calendar (or group diary) gives rapid insight into what's going on. Simple filtering lets you view just your own or your department's appointments, whilst colour-coded category filtering allows even more specific activity views. Choose the view that suits you best. Informative, clear and quickly editable - just what a good diary should be.

View Shared Office Calendar demo >



Getting a team of people together has never been easier, thanks to TOMMIE. Business meetings, personal appointments, meeting room allocation, repeat scheduling, automatic reminders by email - all are handled beautifully.

View Meeting Arranger demo >



TOMMIE takes the pain out of doing your expenses. A simple series of tables and drop downs pre-populated with essentials like cost centre codes and VAT 'tags', together with automatic totaling functions make completing proper expense claims a doddle. This should keep the Accounts Department off your back!

View Expenses Manager demo >



Whether you're at home at the weekend and need to track down a colleague, or out on the road needing a client's email address, or even just sitting at your desk, TOMMIE's easy-to-access 'Contacts' feature is ready to help you find precisely the information you're looking for. A single, company-wide database allows everyone to share the latest details - no more cursing as you scour your colleagues' card indexes!

View Contacts Manager demo >



For those who have to account for their time, TOMMIE has a simple-to-use yet comprehensive timesheet system. Job codes, summary screens, detailed notes - all are provided for. And since you can access TOMMIE from just about anywhere, keeping records has never been easier.

View Timesheet Logger demo >



How many days have you got left? Any carried forward from last year? When was your last vacation? Who else from your department is away when you'd like to be, and are there any meeting clashes? Using TOMMMIE takes care of all these concerns and fully automates the process of requesting time off. And since you can access TOMMIE from home, planning family vacations together is a breeze.

View Holiday Booker demo >



Use TOMMIE's summary screens to keep a track of how you're doing. What were your total expenses over the last 6 months, and which cost centres took the hit? How many hours did you spend working for your top 3 customers? How many new business meetings have you scheduled in the past month? TOMMIE tells you - fast.

View Management Reporter demo >