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Web Office System Pricing

Mobile office application for iPhone, Smartphones and Windows Mobile devices
The best value web office system

How Much? How Little!

An efficient office is a profitable office, since the hidden costs of basic administration are horrendous. Just think how much time is wasted:

  • Reconciling timesheets and job costs
  • Ringing around trying to arrange a meeting
  • Finding a meeting room
  • Checking holiday allowances
  • Seeking/ waiting for approvals
  • Preparing/ making sense of expenses
  • Looking for contacts name but a few frustrations!

But an office working with TOMMIE is so efficient that most of this wasted time can be fully recovered, so saving the company considerable money.

Moreover, the management information TOMMIE generates is so revealing it allows managers to get real insight into the business – essential if the right decisions are to be taken and even more money is to be saved. (Click here to review the business benefits for managers).

When all its other efficiencies are considered, you might expect TOMMIE to come with a fairly high price tag. But at just 10 PENCE PER USER PER DAY, TOMMIE will probably be the easiest investment decision your company will ever make. You should see returns begin on day one.

How Exactly Are Charges Calculated?

Quite simply on a 10 pence per-person-per-day basis. This rate does not change with the number of users in your company. Whether you want TOMMIE to look after the needs of 5, 10 or 100 people, the charge remains the same - just 10 pence per person per day. For example, a company employing 30 people will be charged just £3.00 per day, allowing everyone to enjoy full access to TOMMIE, regardless of how much the system is used. In this example, over a 30 day month, the total cost to the company would be £90.

More employees (or users) can be added or removed at any time. At the end of the month, TOMMIE's billing system simply multiplies the number of users by the number of days they have been on the system, then generates an invoice accordingly. The following simple example may help:

30 users registered with TOMMIE for a full 30 day month: Cost calculated as 30 people x 30 days x 10 pence = £90

Say 10 more users are added on the 11th day of the month (i.e. 20 days of the month remaining): Incremental cost calculated as 10 people x 20 days x 10 pence = £20

Say 5 more people are added on the 24th day of the month (i.e. 7 days of the month remaining): Incremental cost calculated as 5 people x 7 days x 10 pence = £3.50

The invoice would be calculated on the first day of the following month and would be for an amount of £90 + £20 + £3.50 = £113.50. VAT would be added at the prevailing rate.

How Will We Be Invoiced?

TOMMIE will automatically generate an invoice on the first day of every month, covering the previous month's usage. This will be posted online as a PDF document, accessible directly from the TOMMIE application itself. Access will be restricted to the System Administrator (the designated individual whose billing instructions we hold securely). The amount of the invoice will depend on the number of registered users over the previous month and will be calculated as described above. The calculation will be clearly shown on the invoice. A full billing history will also be available online from TOMMIE at all times. Since all invoicing is retrospective and based on an extremely simple formula, there should never be any doubts or queries over the charges. We will, of course, immediately investigate any invoice queries brought to our attention.

Click here to view a sample pdf invoice.

How To Pay

At any time during the 30 day trial period you can enter payment details so that your access to TOMMIE is able to continue seamlessly at the end of the free period. Payment can be made by credit card or Direct Debit. If you prefer credit card you should simply fill in your credit card details on our secure site. Online verification will follow immediately. If you prefer Direct Debit, simply download the pdf form provided, complete your bank details, sign, and send to us by post, retaining the Direct Debit Guarantee. We will do the rest and advise you when it has been accepted. Note that due to the approval time taken with Direct Debit you should do this at least 5 working days before your free trial period expires. The invoice for the previous month's charge will be available online on the first day of the following month, and you will receive an email each month advising you accordingly. Payment will be taken from your card or bank around 14 days later.